Lovable little fuzzballs are family.

We firmly believe that our pets are more than just companions. We love them and they love us. They are family.

This is why VITALIA® is a pet-friendly community, welcoming animals of all shapes and sizes!

Individualized Service Plans

If you need help looking after your beloved pet, we’re here to help. Feeling tired when your pup needs his evening potty break? Not a problem. Have trouble scooping your kitty’s litter box? Let us handle it. These optional services are available to all residents who bring along a little member of the family! We even offer seasonal plans.

Every pet has a shot

Young or old, large or small, don’t write off bringing your pet just yet. Our unique pet policy does not limit pets based on arbitrary rules. Instead, we want to meet your pet and find the best way to accommodate their needs.

Explore lifestyle and residency.